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PCE 2016 will be held in New York

Congratulations to the New York group for their successful bid! The New York Person-Centered Resource Center will host the 2016 WAPCEPC conference and General Assembly in New York City, USA. Results of consultation with members are available here. The proposal can be viewed here: Download Proposal


Dear Person Centered and Experiential Friends,
We want to thank you for your vote of confidence in our proposal. We officially
accept the role of hosting the 2016 WAPCEPC conference here in New York City. We are
very excited and the metaphor we keep using is that we feel as if we have been
awarded our equivalent of the Olympics. We have a lot of work to do.
Thank you, and see you all in Argentina in 2014.
Sarton Weinraub
Elvira Medus
Mark Rodgers