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WAPCEPC General Research Grant

  1. Purpose and aims
    1. WAPCEPC General Research Grant is a form of financial assistance provided by the World Association to any researcher whose research projects are aimed at the investigation of the Person-Centered / Experiential (PCE) approach;
    2. The main purpose of the Grant is to stimulate worldwide research activities related to the PCE field;
  2. Eligibility
    1. Applicants must be individual members of WAPCEPC with an active membership status for the current year.
    2. Applicants must not be a WAPCEPC board member, WAPCEPC Scientific Committee member, WAPCEPC chapter Chair or board member, or PCEP Editor.
    3. Applicants cannot simultaneously apply for WAPCEPC General Research Grant and WAPCEPC Student Research Grant. Recipients of WAPCEPC Student Research Grant are not eligible for WAPCEPC General Research Grant up until the end of work sponsored by the WAPCEPC Student Research Grant. An ongoing project that was already sponsored by WAPCEPC Student Research Grant may not be submitted for the WAPCEPC General Research Grant.
    4. There are no restrictions on applicants’ gender, age, nationality, PCE ‘tribe’ or any other basis except for those listed in 2.1-2.3 above.
  3. Selection committee
    1. WAPCEPC Board in consultation with the Scientific committee will appoint the Selection committee that should consist of experts in the field of PCE research;
    2. The committee should be diverse in terms of theoretical and research orientations represented by its members;
      In order to maintain efficient and timely consideration of the applications, the Selection committee should not be overly extensive (e.g. 4-9 members);
    3. The Board appoints the Chair of the Selection committee and if needed the Secretary. Chair and the secretary are responsible for technical organization of the Committee’s work as well as for the communication with the applicants.
  4. Application and selection procedure
    1. The Board will announce a Call for applications at least 2 months before the deadline.
    2. Along with an application form, applicants will submit a proposal up to 1500 words that includes the research topic, main aim of the study, short literature review, proposed methodology, hypothesis/research question, anticipated results, and potential impact on the PCE field.
    3. The Selection committee (in consultation with the Board) will develop the procedure for the evaluation of applications which will include the following criteria: potential advancement of research in the PCE field; novelty of the methods/theoretical framework; high topicality of the research proposal; general originality of the proposal.
    4. The full Selection committee must vote on the submitted applications. Depending on the number and quality of the applications, a decision to grant partial Grants (1/2; 1/3) or no Grants at all in the current year may be taken. The latter should be approved by the Board.
    5. After the Selection committee chooses an applicant/applicants it will inform the Board which will make a formal announcement and arrange for the transfer of money.
    6. Successful applicant(s) will receive the full amount they were granted in one payment.
  5. Completion procedure
    1. At the end of the research project Grant recipients should send to the Board the results of their study (e.g., Thesis, Paper, Book).
      Recipients are strongly encouraged to publish the results of their research. If a recipient decides to publish the results of the research, WAPCEPC Research Grant should be acknowledged in the Funding section of the paper.
    2. PCEP Journal may decide to offer recipients the opportunity to submit the results of the study as an invited paper. The submission would go through the usual peer review process.