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Journal 22, Issue 4 is now published

The latest issue (22-04) of our journal, Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapies, is now published! It is a special issue on the PCE 2022 conference:

* Editorial (JHD Cornelius-White & M Kefalopoulou) 
* Changing emotion with emotion (L Greenberg) 
* From surviving to thriving: emotion-focused documentary filmmaking as therapy (J Wan)
* Congruent functioning: the continuing resonance of Rogers' theory (S Stephen) 
* Diving deep: three experiential approaches to working with dreams and nightmares (L Ellis)
* To be of help by 'being present as a living being'. Four perspectives on the therapist's role in the stagnation of a therapeutic process (A Süle)
* Person-centered and experiential psychotherapy systematic literature search in Danish: a bibliographical survey, 1960-2022 (N Bagge & D Hoffmann)
* Can we be of help? Cultural considerations regarding personal growth, relationships, therapy, and life (K Tudor & B Rodgers)