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Board election 2012 - Invitation for nominations

The administration of the election for the Board of WAPCEPC is the responsibility of an independent election committee of three members; Allan Turner (Coordinator), Vera Alves and Tatsuya Hirai. They are not members of the present Board and they are not candidates for the new Board.

An election for Board members will be held in May 2012 and we are now inviting nominations for the new Board.

The board of the WAPCEPC is an executive Board. It looks after the day–to-day management of the Association - the administration, finances, PCEP, membership, website and Newsletter, and any other tasks that further the aims of the Association.

The board reflects the variety of nationalities, cultures and traditions in PCE, but does not represent or favour any particular group of members or interests.

If you are interested in standing as a candidate, or if you want to nominate someone as candidate, please contact any of the board members to talk about what is involved in being a Board member. Further information about the election and about how to make a nomination can be found here.  

Nominations should be sent as an email attachment to [election @].   The nomination form can be downloaded here.

Nominations have to be received by the 1st April 2012.

Notes: Candidates must be current members of the WAPCEPC. They should be able to commit at least two hours per week to the work of the Board.  Board meetings are usually conducted by e-mail, in English, with meetings by Skype arranged as required. The first meeting of the 2012-14 Board will take place in Antwerp, Belgium, on Sunday 8th July 2012, prior to the beginning of the PCE 2012 Conference. If the finances of the Association allow it, the 2012-14 Board may arrange to meet in person during 2013.  Meetings usually occur three times each year.  As part of their personal statement, candidates are asked to indicate which of the tasks of the Board they would be suited to undertake.

* Proposers must be current members of WAPCEPC

docBoard election nomination form