Current Issue of 'Encounter' Newsletter: December 2012


Welcome to the December 2012 issues of ‘Encounter’. This issue contains a wide variety of member contributions, which I hope you will enjoy reading. We are delighted to have received so many articles. Thank you to all of the people who have generously contributed. We have contributions from Argentina, Belgium, Scotland, Romania, Cyprus, England, Australia and Ireland.

This issue includes the welcome address from the recent PCE 2012 conference in Antwerp. Hopefully, this will be of interest for members who were unable to attend. We also include the evaluation of the conference conducted by the organizing committee. We also have a number of reflections and experiences from people who attended the conference.

We have an interview with the Cyprus Association for Person- Centered Psychotherapy and Counselling, as well as news updates from the PCEP journal editors, and the new board of PCE Europe. Finally, we have an article exploring the therapeutic potential of online encounter.

I hope that you find this ‘Encounter’ to be rewarding!

Graham Westwell, WAPCEPC Newsletter Editor

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