Donor funds

The donor fund offers a free membership to colleagues in countries in world bank categories B C & D for a period of 1-3 years.

The World Association is seeking to develop the donor fund which provides subsidised association membership for person-centered workers in countries in world bank categories B, C & D. Are you willing to become a membership sponsor by contributing to the fund?

We welcome contributions from individual members and organizational members to help us make the WAPCEPC more accessible to colleagues who do not have the economic resources to join the Association.

The Association already offers membership at a reduced rate for members in countries of World Bank Categories B, C and D, but we are unable to do more than that since we are working with a very small annual budget. We know of many colleagues from Africa, Asia, Latin America and from Eastern Europe who would like to become members and who want to contribute to enrich our world community, but who lack the economic resources to join, even with the reduced membership dues.

The donor fund offers a free membership to colleagues from these parts of the world, for a period of 2 years.

We need your help to keep the Donor Fund going!

Donations can be made directly through the online payment page of the website www.pce-world.org , or by transfer, mastercard and visa to our bank account:

SGGT - Josefstrasse 79 - 8005 Zürich

For more information about the donor fund contact [donorfund @ pce-world.com]

We thank you for your support

Applications for assistance:

Colleagues who want to apply for assistance from the donor fund should complete the Donor Fund Application Form and return it to [donorfund @ pce-world.com]

If you know of any colleagues who may be interested, please tell them about the Donor Fund.

Alberto Zucconi / Istituto dell'Approccio Centrato sulla Persona (IACP) Donar Fund

A 3-year free membership for 20 colleagues from Central and South America, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe who feel that they are part of our approach, share the purpose of our World Association but lack the funds to join. 2,000 Euro

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