Application to the fund

The Donor Funds have been created to support colleagues who would like to join the community of the World Association but who are not able to afford the membership dues.

We know of many colleagues from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe who would like to become members and who want to contribute to enrich our world community but who lack the economic resources to join.

The Donor Fund for Individuals offers membership for two years. The membership includes a subscription to the journal, Person-centered and Experiential Psychotherapies (PCEP) and all other benefits of membership: Newsletter, reduction on the conference fee at the PCE conference, the right to be a candidate for the board and the right to vote in the Board election and the General Assembly of the WAPCEPC.

The Donor Fund for Organizations pays 50% towards the already discounted organizational membership fee for organizations based in countries with economies categorised as  "Low income", "Lower middle income" and "Upper middle income" by the World Bank. This support is available for two years.

If you want to apply for membership of the World Association with the help of either of the Donor Funds, please download the application form, complete and return it by e-mail to [donorfund @ pce-world.org] or fax +44 1989 763 901. Enquiries and correspondence about the Fund should also be sent to these addresses.

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