Donor funds

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The Donor Funds offer additional financial assistance to qualified persons and organizations. We welcome contributions from individual members and organizational members to help us make the WAPCEPC more accessible to colleagues who do not have  the economic resources to join the Association.

The Association already offers membership at a reduced rate for members in countries of World Bank Economic Categories "Low income", "Lower middle income" and "Upper middle income" but without the donor funds we are unable to do more than that since we are working with a very small annual budget. We know of many colleagues from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe who would like to become members and who want to contribute to enrich our world community, but who lack the economic resources to join, even with the reduced membership dues.

There are two donor funds.

The original donor fund for individuals, offers a free individual membership to colleagues from these parts of the world, for a period of 2 years. Click here to make a contribution.
The donor fund for organizations offers a contribution of 50% towards the already discounted organizational membership fee for organizations based in these regions. This support is also available for two years. Click here to make a contribution.


To apply to the Donor Fund for subsidized membership, click here.