9th PCE Conference

Rome, Italy

30 June 2010

Empowerment: The politics of the helping relationship

The 6th General Assembly of WAPCEPC took place during the conference

The Conference was organized on behalf of the World Association for Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counseling, ACP Italia - Associazione dell'Approccio Centrato sulla Persona "Carl Rogers" and IACP - Istituto dell'Approccio Centrato sulla Persona.



Local Organizing Committee

Alberto Zucconi

Giovannella Nasta

Emanuela Tardioli

Gianni Andrea Belgrano

Antonio Castiello

Maria Rosaria Lena

Giovanna Caputo

Silvia Spaziani

Elena Faini

Giuseppe Dattola

Lorenzina Barolo

Gianni Sulprizio

Mariangela Bucci

Stefania Fassio

International Scientific Committee

Jeffrey Cornelius-White

Elke Lambers

Maureen O'Hara

Yukishige Nakata

Judy Moore

Colin Lago

Robert Elliott

Claudio Rud

Pete Sanders

Germain Lietaer

Peter T. Schmid

Elizabeth Freire

Campbell Purton

Joao Hippolito

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