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The Person-Centered Website


Multilingual site by Peter F. Schmid: PCE institutions, associations and organisations worldwide, universities, training programs, international events, journals, bibliographies, libraries, videos, archives, publishers, other resources, conferences, symposia, articles online (download), umbrella organisations, email networks, sites about C. Rogers, research studies, theory websites, personal homepages, hundreds of links etc.

Yukishige Nakata website


Extensive information about WAPCEPC in Japanese by Yukishige Nakata

Allan Turner website


Wide collection of Person/Client Centred material assembled by Allan Turner

The Carl Rogers Collection
University of California at Santa Barbara, USA

The Department of Special Collections at the Davidson Library, University of Santa Barbara, California, contains selected papers of Carl Rogers: records from his association with the Center for the Studies of the Person; reprint articles from the Carl Rogers Memorial Library (now extinct), diaries, University of Chicago Counseling Center discussion papers, correspondence, and his China Diary. Also, this UC Santa Barbara archives contains an extensive collection of Carl Rogers audio tapes, and video tapes. However, there is no online access to these items.

The Focusing Institute

The Focusing Institute is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1986. Its mission is to make Focusing available to the academic and scholarly communities and to the public at large.


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ADPCA - Association for the Development

of the Person-Centered Approach


Association for the Development of the Person-Centered Approach is an international network of individuals who support the development and application of the person-centered approach

Associação Paulista da Abordagem Centrada na Pessoa - Brazil


A Associação Paulista da Abordagem Centrada na Pessoa nasceu no dia 27 de novembro de 2005, após vários meses de gestação, como um grupo comprometido com a divulgação, o estudo e a produção de material sobre a Abordagem Centrada na Pessoa, se constituindo como instância organizadora e apoiadora de eventos, mais uma referência possível para aqueles que têm a ACP como norteadora de suas ações.


Association for Humanistic Psychology


The Association of Humanistic Psychology is a worldwide community of diverse people promoting personal integrity, creative learning, and active responsibility in embracing the challenges of being human in these times. Founded in 1962, AHP is grounded in the application of the tradition in psychology.

APA division of Humanistic Psychology


Division 32, Society for Humanistic Psychology, represents a constellation of "humanistic psychologies" that includes the earlier Rogerian, transpersonal, and existential orientations as well as the more recently developing perspectives of phenomenological, hermeneutic, constructivist, feminist, and postmodern (social constructionist) psychologies

The Japanese Association for Humanistic Psychology

The aim of this association is to carry forward study and practice by understanding and revitalizing humanistic values, and to contribute to society. It was founded on July 11th, 1982, in Humanistic Psychology Workshop at Kyoto Women's College. The bylaws was agreed and ratified on September 10th-11th at the General Assembly of the Second Annual conference, which was held at Bunkyo University.

Journal of Humanistic Psychology

Journal published by the Association for Humanistic Psychology

The Humanistic Psychologist

Journal of the Division 32 of the American Psychological Association.

Japanese Journal of Humanistic Psychology http://www.e-jhp.jp/en/journal/journal-index.html
Journal of the Japanese Association for Humanistic Psychology. The Japanese Journal of Humanistic Psychology aims to creatively follow and develop various trends of Humanistic psychology that explore humanity and respect dignity of human beings. The styles of articles can be wide enough to include interdisciplinary, theoretical, statistical, case study, comparative cultural, historical, literature review and etc, as far as they contribute to this aim and maintain academic level.


Network for research on Experiential Psychotherapies (NREP)


NREP is a website devoted to the purpose of stimulating research on experiential/ humanistic psychotherapies. It has been founded to provide an overview of the whole range of experiential therapy research.

Society for Psychotherapy Research


The Society is an international, multidisciplinary scientific association devoted to research on psychotherapy

  Counselling and Psychotherapy Research

Journal of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). It is an international peer-reviewed journal dedicated to connecting research with practice. Pluralist in orientation, the journal recognizes the value of qualitative, quantitative and mixed method strategies of inquiry within psychotherapy and counselling research.


Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration - SEPI


The primary objectives of SEPI are to encourage communication and to serve as a reference group for individuals interested in exploring the interface between differing approaches to psychotherapy.

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