Ewa Kaczorkiewicz

I work as a person-centered  psychotherapist in private practice in Warsaw, Poland. I offer individual psychotherapy for adults and couples therapy, both in Polish and English, also online.

 In 1999, I graduated from the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Warsaw. Since then I have worked with individual clients, groups and organisations. I started as a counsellor, being employed at different HR positions: an assistant, a specialist, a manager, a co-owner of a consulting company. I have prepared and realised large projects for corporations - advising on increasing effectiveness, designing training processes, conducting research on employees’ opinions, working over the development of managers.


About ten years later, I changed my path. I have chosen to provide psychological assistance and psychotherapy. I have completed a psychotherapy school (INTRA School of Humanistic Integrative Experiential Psychotherapy) and numerous trainings, attended conferences, and attended my own psychotherapy. I worked in institutions helping people suffering from violence, addiction or in crisis. At the moment I own my private practice in Warsaw, cooperating with other psychotherapists. I consider person-centered and experiential approach to be my home base. I was trained initially in humanistic and existential psychotherapy, adding focusing and EFT to it over years.

Personally, I enjoy travelling and visiting modern art exhibitions as well as playing bridge, cooking vegan food, and watching birds, while sitting on the edge of the pond in my cottage house. I am married, with two teenage children. For more details please visit my website www.kaczorkiewicz.pl or the website of my private practice www.cynamonowa.com

As a member of the Board, I hope to work on expanding WAPCEPC’s influence on people like me in the past – the counsellors and psychotherapist in those less developed countries, not sure whether it is ok to enter “the big psychotherapeutical world” and therefore sometimes limited to their national therapeutic communities. I would like to invite them more actively to become WAPCEPC members and to participate in our activities and international exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experience. I do believe that making stronger links between us on a worldwide level could be a part of positive change - starting from the members of the therapeutic community and expanding to the rest of our societies.

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Stephanie Hutchinson

Stephanie bw

I currently work in private practice as a person-centred counsellor and group facilitator in Glasgow, Scotland – not what I would have predicted career-wise when I moved from New Zealand to Glasgow 16 years.

My previous career was in television production, in editorial, creative and organisational roles.   Sometimes it was a lot of fun and very rewarding, and sometimes it was neither of those things!   It was while still working in television that I began my therapeutic training journey by joining the Northern School of Psychodrama as a part-time student.  This was very much an experiential training underpinned by the PCA and it inspired me to enrol full-time at Glasgow’s University of Strathclyde where I achieved my PG Diploma in Person Centred Counselling in 2014.  I then achieved a Higher Certificate in Creative Action Methods in Psychotherapy from the NSP.  

In 2016 I also undertook training and certification in the facilitation of The Daring Way™ (pyscho-educational methodologies devised by, and based on the research of, Dr Brené Brown).    I use it both in one-to-one clinical settings and in personal development group settings and I find it to be a very transformative framework for emotional understanding, and very compatible with the person centred approach.

I also recently spent several years working part-time for Scotland’s first not-for-profit funeral directors.  My community engagement role involved running information workshops that actively sought to address and dispel the discomfort that many people can feel in talking about death, dying and bereavement.  I now work independently with various charities in this area.

My working life has seen me encounter a wide range of people, situations and challenges, all of which have made an impact on and inform who I am, and the skills I have to offer, today.  However it’s my Person Centred training which has fundamentally changed the way I experience myself and the world.  The PCA feels to me to be a powerful philosophy and I am very passionate about expanding the applications of it, beyond the purely therapeutic realm. 

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Athina Dellaporta

image0Athina is a person-centred psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer. She has recently started translating PCA books into Greek language. She is  also President of the Panhellenic Association of Professionals in the Person-Centred & Experiential Approach.

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Sophia Balamoutsou

sophia balamoutsou

I work as a person-centered trainer, therapist and supervisor. I am a psychologist (Associate Fellow and Chartered Psychologist of the British Psychological Society) and a counsellor (Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, United Kingdome Register of Counselling and Psychotherapy). My first degree was in Psychology (The American College of Greece, Deree College) and then continued with a MA and then a PhD in Counselling (Keele Univeristy, UK). I have lived and worked as an academic (Keele University, University of Wolverhampton, University of Chester) and as a counsellor (counselling service Keele University, counsellor at the National Health Service) in UK for over 10 years. Currently I live in Greece, I work as a lecturer at the Institute for Counselling and Psychological Studies, Athens, Greece and I also practice as a counsellor and supervisor privately. While teaching I have been supervising many MSc dissertations on a variety of counselling topics. I have been a member of research ethics committees. As the Chair of the Scientific Committee (2020) I am looking forward to make research more accessible and more meaningful to practitioners. In addition to that, I am keen to further develop previous efforts of an open access person centred library (online).

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Susanna Markowitsch


I am working as a person-centered psychotherapist, counsellor and supervisor in private practice in Vienna, Austria. I qualified with a diploma of APG • IPS, Austria, in Person-Centered Psychotherapy in 2013 and Person-Centered Group Psychotherapy in 2016. Beside my devotion to the PCA I also enjoy organizing! Since 2019 I am head of APG.IPS training, I have been one of the organizers of PCE2018 in Vienna and have been been member of the management board of APG propaedeutic training in psychotherapy in Vienna from 2013-2018. Before I started my psychotherapy training (and after having graduated in translation for English and Italian at the University of Vienna) I worked for many years as management assistant, having been responsible for administration, finance, and HR (in the area of visual arts and construction development –I have already then been used to work with very different persons, in a wide range of issues and fields).

Since 2018 I have the honor to chair the WAPCEPC board and I enjoy working for and within the PCE world, within a committed team of wonderful colleagues spread around the world.

I am happy to be on the board for a second term and am very much looking forward to proceed with the tasks that we have started to work on since 2018 and to work together with a new team of board colleagues.

For me, the person-centered approach is not just a method to be worked with, but a way of being. Due to my commitment to the PCE approach, I want to make my own contribution within a worldwide organization to provide a forum for practitioners and scientists from the PCE world, to promote PCE perspectives and to stimulate dialogue with other psychotherapeutic orientations. It is my personal concern that the PCE world feels represented by WAPCEPC and that the PCE world is represented in the bigger world of therapies and in society.

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