Recent PCE publications surveys

Bibliographical survey of books from 2000-2009 [all languages]

Editor: Germain Lietaer


This survey of recent BOOKS (and doctoral dissertations) contains two parts:

PART A includes all books (since 2000) which refer to client/person-centered psychotherapy and counseling AND its experiential offspring: focusing-oriented and process-experiential/emotion-focused psychotherapy.

PART B includes books of the broader humanistic family and books of other orientations with some affinity to the client-centered/experiential approach. We think they are of special interest within the context of our endeavor to come to an intensive dialogue (and crossfertilization) with the broader psychotherapy landscape. The main approaches covered under Part B are existential, interpersonal, Gestalt, narrative-constructivistic, feminist, experiential action and non-verbal methods, and integrative/eclectic with major client-centered input.

I thank Alberto Segrera, Jean-Marc Priels, Alberto Zucconi, Magda Draskoczy and Yukishige Nakata for sending me references of Books in Spanish & Portuguese, French, Italian, Hungarian and Japanese.

If you know of books which are not yet included in one of these two parts, please send me (germain.lietaer @ psy.kuleuven. be) the (exact) reference! Thanks.

A survey of BOOKS 1939-1999 is available below. The survey can also be found in the following journals: Tijdschrift Cliëntgerichte Psychotherapie, 2001, 39(4), 295-318; Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 2002, 42(2), 97-131; Gesprächspsychotherapie und Personzentrierte Beratung, 2002, 33(1), GwG-Intern, 1-16.

[Update May 2009]

Survey of English PCE publications 2000-2006

compiled by Paul Wilkins, co-edited by Germain Lietaer

[p.wilkins @ mmu.ac.uk],

[germain.lietaer @ psy.kuleuven.be]


Survey of Dutch PCE publications 2000-2009

compiled by Roelf Jan Takens

[rj.takens @ psy.vu.nl]





Survey of French PCE publications 2000-2003

compiled by Jean-Marc Priels

[priels.jean-marc @ pi.be]


Survey of Italian PCE Publications 2000-2002

compiled by Valeria Vaccari

[vavacc @ tin.it]


In preparation:

Surveys of German, Spanish and Portuguese PCE publications 2000-now.

Editors for other languages are most welcome! [Contact Germain Lietaer at Germain.Lietaer @ psy.kuleuven.be]

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