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Stephanie Hutchinson

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    Scotland (English)
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Originally from New Zealand, I have lived in Glasgow, Scotland, for 17 years and this is where I have a private practice, working one-to-one as a person-centred therapist and also facilitating Daring Way™ groups (based on the research of, and devised by, Dr Brené Brown). I am currently also doing some part-time teaching on a Counselling Skills Certificate, and I recently trained as a Humanist celebrant.

With my first two years on the Board nearly complete, I can safely say that my Saturday nights have never been so global! It's not always straightforward, conducting our meetings across so many time-zones, and with sometimes unpredictable technical connections, however it does feel important to do my bit and contribute in some small way to furthering the Person Centred and Experiential approach - I believe its application extends beyond therapy, into conflict resolution and life in general.

Certainly, the PCA really helps keep me in touch with practising my values and not just professing them, particularly during the trying times we currently live in.

As one of only two native English speakers currently on the Board, I seem to have become the unofficial proof-reader for our communications which I totally don’t mind doing, however I am conscious I would not like to lose the flavour of the individual voices on the Board, for the sake of a little grammar imperfection. Goodness knows everybody’s English is way better than my German/Ukrainian/Greek/Spanish!

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