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I work as a person-centered trainer, therapist, supervisor and academic lead in programs of Psychotherapy in ICPS College for Humanistic Sciences. I am a psychologist (Panteion University of Athens) and a psychotherapist MSc. (ICPS College for Humanistic Sciences/ Strathclyde University). I am also trainer in Child Protection and in Grief counseling. Moreover, I am trained in Counseling for addictions and in the Neuroaffective and Relational model for treating trauma.

Currently I live in Greece, I work as an academic lead and lecturer at the ICPS College for Humanistic Sciences Athens, Greece and I also practice as a PCA psychotherapist and supervisor privately. Moreover, I work for Merimna, the counseling center of Athens, for bereaved families.  While teaching, I have been supervising many BSc. and MSc. dissertations on a variety of topics.

I am the general secretary of the National Organization for Psychotherapy in Greece and Chair of the Research Committee. I represent PCE Europe in the European Association for Psychotherapy in the SARC (Science and Research Committee) and I am chair of the research committee of the PCE Europe. I am the treasurer of WAPCEPC, liaison to the Conference, member of the Research Committee and I participate in the Membership working group.

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