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It is with sadness we mark the passing of a much loved colleague.

Charlie O’Leary was a passionate man who learned his approach from Carl Rogers and put into action the person centred approach in his life and work. He went on to develop this approach in his work with couples across the globe. A man with a great sense of humour he was able to communicate complex ideas and taboo subjects in an accessible and thoughtful way, opening up new ideas and experiences for both students and practitioners.

Charlie was an excellent communicator and a man with a strong sense of social justice whilst always mindful of how power is used. He worked to ensure all people felt equal and able to contribute in group settings. He was a man who travelled the world and built relationships that transcended culture and traditions to communicate the importance of the Person Centred Approach. It was not unusual for any courses run by Charlie to be fully booked and with a waiting list.

He has left a legacy both in terms of writing and training that will have an impact in professional practice for many years to come.

His presence will be sadly missed.