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      The lack of international connection, communication and representation for the Person-Centered Approach became apparent at the first World Conference on Psychotherapy in July 1996.

      A letter was drafted by 30 theoreticians and practicioners in Bad Hall, Austria, calling for the formation of an international PCA organization to be founded by open vote at the IVth International Conference on Client-Centered an Experiential Psychotherapy (ICCCEP) in Lisbon, Portugal in July 1997. This letter was distributed throughout the world, inviting input and participation before and during the Portugal Conference.

      Modified into a Provisional Organizational Charter, Provisional Statutes were approved by over 100 people from 21 countries, and the World Association for Person-Centered Counseling and Psychotherapy was officially founded on July 8, 1997. A Working Group and Provisional Board were authorized to solicit membership and develop a constitution to be submitted for resolution at the Vth ICCCEP Conference in Chicago in June 2000

      In Chicago Principles, Statutes and Bylaws were decided by consensus and a new Board was elected.
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      The WAPCEPC website welcomes contributions for this section. However, the WAPCEPC does not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the articles published here. Please send your contributions to articles @
      We'll post articles that are (a) relevant for the WAPCEPC membership, (b) have been published elsewhere, and (c) have copyright permission.
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      The latest newsletter can be downloaded below. An archive of our former newsletters is available here. Contributions to the Newsletter are always welcome in the following areas:

      • Local news about individual members and member organisations;

      • Announcements;

      • Notice of events and conferences;

      • Letters;

      • News of research projects;

      • Any theoretical or practice issues you wish to raise with other members for discussion.

      Newsletter Editor: Susan Cornforth. Please send your contributions to [newsletter @]
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